♡.* Me at Saga's graduation♡.*

I got the invitation to Saga's graduation party and since our summer cottage is near the place I wanted to attendI got the chance to wear my new dress for the first time! 

Here is my coordinate: 

All except the shoes which are from Yumetenbo~

With beautiful Sagachan She had so pretty galaxy dress on, didn't she? 
The food was amazing and she got so many presents! I'm so happy for her and I wish the best of luck to her new life in Helsinki

I also wore my new My Melody lenses for the first time I'm so happy with them! They look like basic brown lenses from the distance, maybe with a little bit of pink shade but when looking at them up close you can see the My Melody printSo cute!!

Thank you for reading


  1. Voi että miten nätti mekko ♥ MARSilla on niin upeita vaatteita *ww* Ja tuo Sagan galaksimekko on myös tosi hieno!
    Hauskat piilarit kans :D Kaikkea sitä tehdäänkin. Oon nähnyt joskus Hello Kitty -piilareita, mutta My Melodysta vastaavat on mulle jotain uutta.

  2. Cute makeup!
    One tip though, I hope you don't mind! if you put eyeliner in the waterline between your top lashes it will make them look fuller^^

  3. you both are really beautiful~ <3

  4. The dress is so cute! And the lens design is so unique! I've never come across those kinds of lens before o;

  5. Näytätte niin näteiltä. ^^

  6. Gosh I love everything they make at Ma*rs! Its all so pretty. That dress looks just gorgeous on you :)

  7. Woooow that dress is beautiful! *_* I love your coordinate! And congrats to Saga for graduating! :D


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