♡.* HanaVillage.com review♡.*

I'm sorry I'm doing review after another but I have to publish these what I've taken haha XD But I don't have anything more so don't you worrySo awhile ago I was contacted from HanaVillage which is a sister website of LensVillage Except that from HanaVillage there are a bigger variety of cosmetics from Asia which I also picked when I got the chance~ 
I chose DollyWink's eyeshadow in color #2 Pink Brown

I have another one of these eyeshadow palettes and to me it seemed like the one I had bought earlier had more pigment than this paletteI don't know if the reason is because the palette I had is older version than this but that is the conclusion I came to
Otherwise I love the palette~ The colors are so perfect I love brown eyeshadow and I use it everyday! I also love pink so this palette was the perfect choice for me~

I put the brown color on the outer corners of my eyes, pink in the middle of the eyelid and the light gold on the inner corners of my eyes
The darkest brown I used just a bit on the outer corners of my eyes, like an eyeliner almost.
I really love the colors and overall as DollyWink is pretty nice brand this is just a really good product

BTW, these lenses are also from HanaVillage, they are the most comfortable lenses I've worn so farThey are ColorVue Big Eyes Pretty Hazel and I can only recommend them~ I just love brown eyes and these are so natural looking and comfortable

Here is my coordinate:

Dress: Jesus Diamante
Cardigan: Deary Yumetenbo
Necklace: Jesus Diamante
Shoes: Jesus Diamante

Thank you for reading
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♡.*Born Pretty Store review♡.*

I was contacted from Born Pretty Store to do a make-up review and since I haven't done one before I decided to try it outI got to choose few products and I chose a blusher, powder and a matte lip gloss




I accidentally got a wrong coloured blusher but I can review the necessary things on this one too! 

I tried the face powder first since I made the base for my make-up and for foundation I use BB-cream, my pick is Missha's Perfect coverThe powder is very fine and leaves the skin all matte. And the packaging is really cute

Perfect Loose Powder Lovely Polka Dot Bow Pattern Design For Makeup
Color #01
Price $5.08

Then I tried the blush, it was orange instead of pink which I wanted to try but the pigment is really good and as it's a paste it spreads really nicely on the skin. I've worn it to work and it lasts all dayEven though the color wasn't the right one I still think this is one of my favorite blushers and I'm kinda glad that I got the wrong color since otherwise I wouldn't have tried this

1Pc Fantastic Paste Makeup Blush Blusher Powder
Color #5
Price $4.99

Last but not least is the lip gloss!Which is pink and it feels weird to say it's a gloss since it's matte XD This is really good and long lasting productI've also worn this to work and it stays all day and is matte~ I actually have to use make-up remover to get the lipgloss fully off so it's really long lasting as advertised

12 Colors Waterproof Matte Velvet Lip Gloss Long Lasting Lip Pencils 1Pc
Color #1
Price $3.55

If you liked these products please feel free to check out Born Pretty Store, I can only recommend since I've personally tried these products and use them everyday

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Thank you so much for reading