Getting extensions in Japan with Sui!

Today I'll continue blogging about my Japan tripEven though last weekend I was in London for a gyaru meetup so I'll probably post about that soon in the middle of these Japan related posts! 
The next day after Halloween all of the decorations had changed over night to Christmas ones! The stores were full of Christmas things and costumes and we were so surprised as you know it was just 1st of November at that time XD It was funny~ 
We met up with Shay and Miku that day and went to eat and purikuraWe also went to Kiddy Land to check out all the cute items and they had a section for Moomins also! I bought few My Melody items from there of course~ I wore my Delyle Noir set up I had bought on the first day

Here are our purikura!

Gaaah~ I wish I had looked better that day haha XD
The next day was our extensions day and Erika had helped us reserve the appointment for me and Sui at Shibuya
After that we went to eat and shop a little too and then to purikura of course~ I think we took million purikura haha XD on every occasion possible

Hehehe~ healthy breakfast and all XD Awh at that time I could still eat that kind of things! Now when I'm writing this and having the stupid celiac disease I can't eat these kind of things anymore T___T I wonder what I will eat next time when I'll go to Japan..

Here is my coordinate for that day~ ! 
Dress: ShakeShake
Bag: Ober Tashe

Getting the extensions done~ the girl doing Sui's extensions next to me was also a GazettE fan and a friend of Erika's! So I also talked with her a lot and learnt that she was coming on few shows on this tour we were going also! 
Here are our purikura from that day! With Sui and Niina

Here is how my extension look!
Waaa~ I miss them so much they were so pretty and easy! I took 70pieces and almost at full length (just little bit shorter) and they cost around 18,000yen.

I also bought these super cute My Melody phonecovers and My Melody masks
I really like the possibility to use masks in Japan and nobody looks at you strange.. I used them many times when I didn't put any makeup on haha XD So useful~ 
Now in Finland when the show has almost melted away the air is really bad because of the dust on the streets so I'd want to wear a mask here too since the dust is really making it hard for me to breathe

My Melody iPhone6 covers around 3500yen

I tried to take a picture from the My Melody design on the mask but you can barely see it T__T
I also bought this Delyle Noir black top! It's so pretty and I love the lace on the sleeves

Thank you so much for reading and comments

Halloween in Tokyo and meeting Himena!

Today I'll blog about the most exciting and one of the most memorable days in my life! When we were booking our trip to Japan the dates we chose were based on the the GazettE's tour dates and what was the cheapest flight. At first I didn't even realize we were going to be in Tokyo for Halloween
I bought my costume in Finland already cause I wanted to make sure I had an outfit for Halloween in the first place. In Finland Halloween is not celebrated as much as in the U.S or Japan so I was excited to see how it is in other countries~ 

As I told in the previous post, Sui had re-organised the meeting with Himena on Halloween so when we left to Shibuya I was already wearing my Snow White costume
I was so nervous and when were heading towars the MA*RS store I felt like I was about throw up and faint XD Himena has been my idol for so many years now and she still is one of the fashion icons I take inspiration from. When I saw she was there I can't describe the emotions that run through me, it really was a dream come true

Waaaa ;;;;___;;;;
I was so happy and I was literally shaking all the time. I gave her the present I had got her from Finland (a Moomin towel and My Melody letter set), and she blogged about it and us! It just made me feel so special~ Erika came there right on time and I was so happy I could talk with Himena what I wanted since Erika could say the things to her I couldn't because of my nervousness. After we left I bursted into tears because of all the emotions were coming out and I was so thankful and touched about the whole situation And it was all thanks to Suichan I remeber crying there on the stairs and she was hugging me ;;;__;;; thank you so so much for this opportunity, I will never forget that day, my dreams really came true~

After that we went to take some purikura and on the way there I already met some other Snow White's and went to ask them for a picture that Sui took

Aren't they super cute?
I met some other Snow White's as well when we met up with Pastelbat and her friends!

I laughed so hard when I saw these since my face is so warped by the purikura machine in some pictures and in one it looks like I'm glued on Sui's back XD There were huuuuge queues to the purikura machines on Halloween, the one in Shibuya was so packed that it would've taken hours for us to even get in the place.

After that we went back to the hotel for a moment and Erika left since she had other plans. After some resting and putting on some more makeup me, Sui and Brandon went back to Shibuya to meet Pastelbat and her friends and Katie and all others I didn't even know about at that timeI was just told that we're gonna meet bunch of people XD

Here we are heading to Shibuya 109 and I got to borrow Brandon's cool apple necklace to complete my hime Snow White look!

I was so happy to finally meet Katie and I also met Ru for the first time They are both so incredibly sweet and fun, I really hope to meet them again sometime~

Our group! Pastelbat's outfit on the left was so creepy, even from up-close she was so scary XD
It was nice to meet her and we talked about Finland too! I didn't know she was half Finnish I was happy to meet the Swedish girls, they were all so tall and beautiful and we joked a lot ~ I managed to talk in swedish a little bit too XD I understood better than I could speak and was able to follow their conversations!
Walking in super crowded Shibuya that night was difficult, especially in the big group that we had. When we managed to get few meters forward by pushing through the crowd, then a handful of people came to ask for a picture XD it happened over and over again - a meter forward and then pictures. I was in so many pictures I lost count! At some point we got split up and lost a part of the group. I was so worried that I swore to myself that if I wouldn't find Sui and Brandon in 20minutes I would leave back to the hotel. Luckily we found each other again and the other members of the group.

The Swedish people had been wise and had reserved a table from a restaurant since everywhere was full. So we had a pretty tight schedule and in the end when people came to ask us for a picture all the time we had to start declining to make it to our plans
Purikura places were full so we didn't get purikura together then anymore and when Pastelbat and her friends left we decided to leave too~

That's all for tonight, I was so tired after that day

Thank you for reading!