♡.* Weekend with Saga♡.*

It has been awhile but last time I was at our summer home I met up with Sagachan again and we decided to wear twin coordinates by
 Princess Melody
We had lovely afternoon tea moment when Saga brought her cute teapot and I brought some Ageha magazines and Liz Lisa mook

I want that kind of teapot so badIsn't it the cutest?
It held the tea warm for a surprisingly long time~ 
It was so relaxing and fun day and full of girl talk
Of course we took photos from our twin style

Before Saga arrived I took few selcas
I really love these lenses, they are from the GEO Holicat series called Cutie catI made review about them earlier, they are so comfortable to wear that I would wear them everyday if I could XD

Whoops blurry one! I want a new phone so bad..

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This weekend I'll be heading to Saga's place again so please follow my Instagram for more frequent updates

♡.*Princess Pinky Eclipse Blue♡.*

How are you? 
Pinky Paradise contacted me to ask if I wanted to review their new series of lenses! And they looked so interesting that I had to try them out
Nowadays when I have a full-time job and I'm not unemployed anymore it is really hard for me to find time to blogSo I don't want to take every sponsorship I get since I don't know if I have time to deliver the review. Lack of time also forces me to stop writing in two languages So I'm going to continue writing in english~ 
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On the review

Princess Pinky Eclipse Blue

Diameter: 14.5mm
Water Content: 38%
Base Curve:8.6mm
Life Span: 1 year disposal

When I was choosing the lenses I figured I should try something new and what I normally wouldn't pick so I chose the blue lenses

The diameter on these lenses is huuuuge and even though they're a little see-through I kinda like the look I do think these lenses would look so much better in dark eyes than in light eyes. 

I bought this blonde wig from Viivi and immediately I tried the wig on I felt like I stepped back in the year 2012 XD I really like the wig it's just that I don't want to be blonde anymore I think I look a bit like some anime character~ 

My coordinate:

Maxidress: Deary/Yumetenbo
Headband: No brand
 Necklace: Ruby Rose
 Shoes: Deary/Yumetenbo


Color: 4/5

Even though I like the icy blue effect of these lenses I honestly think these will look better on darker eyes, or naturally blue eyes to enchance the color~ I like the see-through effect somehow, even when I got a comment it makes me look like a zombie XD

Enlargement: ♥ 4/5

The diameter looks much bigger than the 14.5mm and they do enlarge the eyes in very subtle way. These lenses don't have a thick outer ring which makes them look somehow more natural and somehow not. Again I think these lenses would look better on darker eyes.

Comfort: ♥ 3/5

These are not very comfortable lenses, I had to use a lot of eyedrops and they still felt dry in my eyes. I think for me it's the size of the lenses that affect to the comfort the most, even though some lenses that have larger diameter have been comfortable too. I can't wear these lenses very long periods of time even with eyedrops.

Get your own pair from Pinky Paradise
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