The GazettE tour GOVC


 The next few days in Tokyo were pretty much the GazettE filled but we did got the chance to meet Momo that was in Japan as an exchange student at the time! It was so nice to meet againIf you remember my previous trip to Japan you know we traveled together with Momo! 
We went to eat and shopping and of course purikura~ 

I look like a maniac XD Ahaha~purikura is so much fun!

You can see my hand in the reflection XD

As it was November at the time obviously I bought sunglasses XD I just found these and they were so super pretty that I had to get them even though I knew it was going to be a long and dark winter ahead in Finland

As we had booked the holiday especially to get to as many lives as possible, on the 4th of November the GazettE tour started yaaay~ I have seen the GazettE live before in Japan but not in all standing livehouse, which I was really looking forward to
I really like lives in Japan since the people are nicer there and respect other fans more than in western countries. Of course there were other westeners(?) as well but they were super rude as usual and made me really upset.. They don't realise that they're ruining the reputation for all of us and I just wanted to hit them XD Luckily I was able to forget them during the live and just have fun
Me and Niina went to see all the lives with Erika

Nice decorations and all..

And of course we took lots and lots of purikura before the shows XD
Afterwards we would go to Izakaya to relax and eat and drink
The 4th and 5th days were the best and the hardest since they were so close together and I hadn't headbanged in a long time so my neck was killing me after the two lives XD Next time I should practise before going to a live~ 

Breakfast of the campiooooooons~ 


In the purikura you can see my coordinates for the lives! On the first live I wore my Putumayo dress I found from a secondhand shop in Harajuku! At the second live I wore my Delyle Noir skirt and Yumetenbo shirt~ 
The shoes are from AttaGirl

Omnom *^* Takoyaki!

The snacks after a live
Even though we always ate before the live, we were super hungry afterwards too XD Well we were headbanging alot on the lives and doing furis and all that so it was a good workout
After the two first lives the other ones were one day apart so we got to rest a bit! We went to 4 lives in total on our holiday~ 

That's all for now, I don't want to flood this post with more pictures so I will continue tomorrow XD

Thank you for reading

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