The GazettE lives and last days in Tokyo

Oh how I wanted that white driftwood-artsy-thingy to my livingroom..

Today I'm continuing to blog about the GazettE lives as I promised~ most likely this post will be full of purikura again XD If you have anything to ask about the lives or about going to Japan, please feel free to comment
I don't post the setlists here cause there were pretty much two different ones, even though aligned as well.. They did play some suprise songs which I was really happy about
During the days between the lives me and Erika went shopping for some Vital Material as there were a pop up shop at the Ikebukuro ParcoI bought just a handcream~

Vital Material was so nice~ but expensive..

This set up I bough from Cryx in 109 is soooooo nice and cute but as it is a shortpants-version, my western ass won't fit into the pants XD But I bought the set for the cardigan anyway since it was so cheap, knowing I wouldn't fit in the pants

You can spot the crocs me and Niina bought for the lives~They are really handy and I will now go lives in Finland wearing these! They are so cute and Erika's are even cuter being so small
My coordinate for this live in Kawasaki Club Citta was Delyle Noir top and Sneep Dip skirt~ 

Hehehee~ Izakaya after the live again
Oh how I miss those times.. I could eat anything back then but now I'm little stressed about the future holidays in Japan, even though I'm going to research a lot beforehand..

Well anyways, the next day we just rested since there was one more live to go to in Zepp TokyoOur holiday was ending soon also, so this was kind of the last major thing happening.
Before the last live we went to eat Indian food! Erika took something else since it was like this small food court with the tables in the center and different small restaurants around it~ 

Omnom *^* naan and curry~ I used to love naan

Omg look at my face XDDD

I was wearing a Sneep Dip skirt and DaTuRa top at the live
All in all I really loved the livesWe were having so much fun, our ticket numbers were placing us pretty much in the middle of the venue each time, but I could see perfectly from there~ At one live we had such a party at the back of the venue with the japanese fans that Ruki commented something about it and asked everyone on the front to turn around and look how much fun we had back there XD It was cute~ I also got Ruki's waterbottle hit me on the head since my eye-hand-coordination isn't the best and I didn't get the bottle XD

The next day was our last full day in Japan and me, Sui, Brandon and Niina decided to go do our last shopping and purikura and Erika came with since she had free time
Me and Erika had bought these dresses from Duras outlet the day before and decided to do Duras coordinates on that day

My face XDDD

I look so tall and since.... I am quite tall (~170cm) so my face gets distorted in some of the purikura machines XD We just loved the Dear Studio 2 purikura machine and used it the most
In the evening I met up with Erika for the last time to get the purikura we had planned from the moment we got these Delyle Noir jacketsIt was quite warm that night so I hurried towards Sunshine in Ikebukuro carrying the jacket cause otherwise I would've melted XD

I love these purikura so much It was sad to say goodbye and not know when we're going to see each other again ;;_;; I cried a little bit.. But it helps to talk on Line nearly everyday XD Me and Niina have planned for another trip to Japan but it's most likely next year since I've been focusing on my own well-being now and will continue to do so to the end of this year

You have finally reached to the end of my trip to Japan-posts! I hope you enjoyed and please feel free to ask if you have anything in mind

Next I will catch up to what is going on now and will show you my coordinates and what I got from the Delyle Noir fukubukuro

Thank you for reading!


  1. Ääh tuo Delyle Noirin takki on kyllä niin söpö. ;;

    1. Äää kiitos paljon♥♥ Se on mun suosikkitakki ehdottomasti~~ 

  2. Oli kyllä kiva lukea näitä sun Japani-postauksia, vaikutti todella mahtavalta reissulta ^.^ Olit suunnitellu ton matkan siis niiden keikkojen mukaan? Oon aina miettiny et miten länsimaalainen saa niitä keikkalippuja Japaniin ku vaikuttaa kauhean vaikealta? :D Olisko mitään vinkkejä vai oliko nuo teidän liput GazettE:n faniklubin kautta tai jostain sen tapaisesta saatuja? :) Ja niiden lippujen mukaan mennään kuulemma sisällekin, et niissä on joku jonotusnumero?

    1. Hei, ihana kuulla ja kiitos kommentistasi!! ♥♥♥ Oltiin suunniteltu joo että heti kun keikkapäivät julkaistaan niin me ostetaan vasta sitten lentoliput ja keikkaliput yms. Me ostettiin fanclubin kautta liput joo kun tuo oli FC only kiertue niin ei muuta vaihtoehtoa ollut. Olin kyllä tour finalissa Yokohama arenalla Codassakin mutta nekin liput meni FC:n kautta niin se ei ollut mitenkään vaikeaa. Ja joo, niissä lipuissa on valmiina semmonen joku numero ja sillä mennään sisään sitten! (^w^) Harmi kun en osaa auttaa muiden kun Gazelippujen hankinnassa (+___+)

  3. Omg I haven't been on blogger for a while but I remember I use to fangirl over your blog! I haven't listened to Gazette in so long but you're so cute hehe! xx

    1. AWWW♥♥♥ EMICHAN♥♥♥ I've missed you! I do follow you on Instagram I hope you know that XD I'm more active there since it's easier now that my computer is still broken~ Love you♥♥♥


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