I'm back!!!

I'm back!! 

I'm so sorry for my unintended hiatus and long absence. I'm going to post some recaps really fast in few posts to get to today and what is happening now! 
I guess my hiatus could've been seen from afar since my posts got fewer and fewer each month and I was more and more tired each day. Needless to say the hiatus was very much needed

A lot has been happening in my life, and those of you who follow me on Instagram (which I have updated this whole time) know that I own a beautiful long coat chihuahua girl now named Bella-chan And I was just recently diagnosed with Celiac disease which means my body cannot tolerate gluten. Bella-chan has been giving me so much strength everyday and I'm so happy to have her in my life
The Celiac disease was one of the reasons I was so incredibly tired and irritated everyday. My stomach would hurt more and more each day and it got to the point where I was only able to do my work and not much else. The weekends I only slept or rested otherwise, I was so tired I couldn't do anything. Even the chores were a struggle. Now that I'm on the gluten-free diet (for the rest of my life XD) I've gotten better everyday! I have more and more energy and I need to fight less to make it through the day

The other reason I've been struggling is that my laptop really sucks! Like right now when I'm writing this I have to keep it charging since the battery doesn't charge at all and the whole computer will shut down if I remove the cord XD I need a new computer ASAP but as I'm going to London in March I can only afford to buy the new computer after my tripBut I'm trying to update my blog as much as I can with this piece of crap until I have the new one! 

I was also in Japan for two weeks in November with the cute Sui Swan and her husband
Niina was with me too and I'll be blogging soon about the whole trip, I'm really sorry I'm so late with this but as the saying goes "better late than never", right? 


She's so cute, isn't she??
I love her so much! During our holiday in Japan she was staying with my parents and even though I knew she was in good care I missed her so much! 
I got her from Apula, which is this Finnish site for selling/giving away mostly dogs and cats, and she was there on one message! Her previous owner didn't have time for her anymore and was selling her to a better home. I contacted the owner and asked about the other dog she was giving away too, and she said that one was already sold but she had this one still. I was hesitating because I really had pictured a black & tan coloured long coat chihuahua, not a sable-coloured like Bella. But me and Niina ended up going to check her in Eastern Finland and she completely won our hearts with her persona and came home with us right away She's now little over 3 years old and so nice and cute! She doesn't bark and can be left alone without having to worry she'd do something bad.

My style has also changed a lot during this time, so I've been thinking about changing my blog's layout as well, but haven't taken any actions yet. I've been naturally graduating out of himegyaru towards oneegyaru, which is more mature and works better with working life as well. 

Here are some pictures before going to Japan:

I finally updated my iPhone 4 to iPhone 6! 
 I was doing a lot of research if I should take the 6+ but came to the conclusion that it was too big for my hands since I want to be able to write with one hand too when needed.

Coordinate with pants! I rarely use pants like these so it's a rare photo lol

Here's a MA*RS dress I bought from Erika! I love it so much and now I have the same dress in black and pink! 

Testing my new iPhone 6 camera and of course Bella-chan is the target XD

I won this La Pafait dress on Yahoo!-auctions for 1500yen! So happy!!

Here's my Cecil McBee coordinate for getting my lash extensions done! I kept them for awhile but then some other things happened so I had to give them up..

Work-coordinate with the MA*RS cardigan I also bought from Erika! The dress and shoes are from Yumetenbo.

Here's a MA*RS coordinate that I bought from Wanboo at Rakuten! The shirt and skirt were both really cheap since they were preowned.

At work..

My Berry-Banana smoothie from Hesburger 

Another MA*RS coordinate with a shirt I bought from Erika and the skirt from Wanboo

So that's all for today's recap XD I'll be posting about the trip to Japan with ALOT of purikura soonish and then hopefully getting to present day and going normally from there on
There will be some changes in my blog in the future, for example the posts will be shorter but I'll post more often hopefully!

Thank you for reading!


  1. Yay I'm so happy that your back ! *3* Bella-chan is beautiful <3
    Although I'll be sad that you're graduating, I think you look great in oneegyaru :D So classy!

    I hope you get better soon <3 So do you have to take any medicine for it? Or just avoid eating certain foods?

    1. Waaa~~thank you Lizziechan♥♥♥ Makes me so happy to hear! In the future, I hope to post videos of Bellachan too! ^w^ Awww, don't be sad, I'll still do hime but probably not so often~ but thank you for liking my onee style too♥♥

      No, there's no medicine for Celiac disease yet, but some promising news have reached us from the scientists! So maybe someday! XD It's difficult to avoid gluten since its in so many products that you can't even figure out! But luckily there are good gluten-free substitutes already on the stores and they're just increasing! ♥♥♥♥

  2. jeee, kiva kun päivitit! onkin ollut ikävä sun blogia 8D

    1. Ääääää ;;_;; ♥♥♥ Niin ihana kuulla, tässä alan taas päivittelemään!! 8)))

  3. Welcome back~~♡
    Looking forward to seeing more posts from you*^^*

    1. Thank you sooo much♥♥♥♥ I'll be looking forward for more posts from you too!! *^*

  4. Wahhhhh! Welcome back! I missed you and your blog! Glad to hear everything is okay! And omg your puppy is so cute! And I can't wait to see more of your new style <3

    1. Waaaa~ ;;;_;;; makes me so happy to hear that I was missed♥♥♥ I'm back now and so happy about your comment Kielichan♥♥♥

  5. Glad to have you back! I really enjoy reading your blog~ ♡
    Love all your outfits, you look great! (*´∀`*)

    1. Thank you so much ;;;_;;; ♥♥♥ Makes me so happy to hear that! I can't thank you enough♥♥♥

  6. Tervetuloa takasin ~ Oonkin meinannut jo instassa melkeen kysyä, että mihin sun blogisi on hävinnyt ^^

    1. Hiiii~ kiitos paljon ;;_;; ♥♥♥ Niin ihana kuulla että mua on oikein kaivattukin! Ja ihana kuulla että seuraat instassa että oot varmaankin jo aika ajantasalla♥♥♥ Kiitos paljon ihanasta kommentista♥♥♥


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