First days in Tokyo and new nails

Today I'll be blogging about our first days in Tokyo! 
As I told in the previous post I went to Japan last October-November together with Sui! We were supposed to meet Himena on the first day as Sui had told her we are coming, but it took us some time to get to the hotel from the airport and then freshen up and get ready after a long flight so we were a bit late from our scheduleWe had planned to meet Himena dressed up in hime! So we twinned our coordinates and wore Princess Melody but sadly Himena had already left from work that day~ so we went shopping and to take purikura instead, and Sui messaged with Himena that we would be meeting her on Halloween! Yay~

Many people wanted to come to take pictures with us which was fun at that point XD A lot of people stared too and took paparazzi pictures without our permission but what can you do.. Halloween, which I will be blogging later about was much more chaotic!

 I messed up Erika's email address on the purikura machine since it was the first time taking purikura on this trip to Japan so we didn't get digital versions of our hime twin purikura.. ;;_;;

Here are some pictures from Sui that her husband took from us when we were in the purikura boothThank you soooo much~ He's so nice too, I'm really happy to have met him too now!

We did meet Tomochan again!  I'm so happy! She was the one informing us Himena had left from work already and also little about her schedules and promised to let Himena know we came to visit her~ I met Tomochan on my previous trip also and she's so sweet and niceI'm so happy I met her again~

Brandon and Niina shopped at Glad News and we took this photo together with the GN shopstaff as Sui and me were like from different world completely in our Princess Melody dresses XD We also shopped something that day, I bought my new favorite pink bag from Ober Tashe

I also bought a black Delyle Noir set and my new Delyle Noir winter coat that I'm still using this day~ Erika reserved the jackets for both of us when they came out and I wanted to pick mine up right on the first day I came to Tokyo

The next day I had my nail appointment in Shinjuku, but before that all of us went to Harajuku for the first time on this trip! My coordinate was my Yumetenbo shirt and Delyle Noir skirt from the set I had bought the day beforeI had a lot of problems with my coordinates in the beginning of the holiday as I hadn't taken much clothes with me from Finland as I planned to buy everything from Tokyo.

Takeshita Street!
Sui was also wearing her new Onespo dress she bought the day before! It suits her Swankiss style so perfectly~ We shopped and took some purikura!

As most of the shops on Harajuku are more Sui's style I wanted to visit the Rady store in OmotesandoI have completely fallen in love with Rady and I bought two dresses on that trip and just recently I ordered more Rady online
Sui was so kind to take these photos of the Rady store which is incredibly gorgeous, and also few pics from me shopping, thank you again soooo much!

Ugh, what happened to my hair.. x____X

After that we went our separate ways as I needed to get to my nail appointment in ShinjukuI was worried if I would find the place and could say in japanese that I have the appointment but the girl at the reception probably guessed from my foreign name that I was the customer and immediately called for my nailist as I walked in XD I had a picture on my phone from the style of nails I wanted and Erika had told me to ask for the pink nail sticker forms they use to sculpture the nails on, so that I would get the maximum lengthThank you so much Erika from reserving the appointment for me, next time I want to reserve it myself and improve my japanese! My nailist didn't speak any english, just few words so all the conversation was in japanese XD And I managed to talk something and tell about Finland! Overall, it was a great experience and I loved my nails

 Waaa~ I loved those nails sooooo much
Overall they cost around 9300yen! So cheap compared to Finland

Next time I'll be blogging about our Halloween in Tokyo and meeting my idol Himena! 
Thank you for reading and stay tuned


  1. Kivaa et postaat sun Japaninmatkastas ^_^

  2. ooooh, vähän siistii et kävit ottaan kynnet japanissa! mäki haluun XD
    tai siis haluun kyl ite tehä pohjan ja antaa niiden vaan koristella, koska oon niin tarkka siitä, et jokainen mutka on viilattu suoraks... XD tai no riippuu varmaan vähän studiostakin, mut japsien tekemät kynnet on välillä melko kömpelön mallisii..
    ps. en kestä et teil on suippelin kans melkeen identtiset asut 8D

    1. Joo! Halusin kokeilla ihan kunnon kynsiä kun viimeks jäi vähän harmittamaan etten ottanut! ♥♥ Mut uskoisin et onnistuu silleenkin että teet ite pohjat ja ne koristelee XD Mulla tulee itellä paljon muhkuraisemmat mut en ookkaan ammattilainen niinku sä♥♥ Joo me yritettiin olla identtisiä mut feilasin laukun kanssa XDD

  3. You girls look so adorable together! Beautiful shots! My favorite is the one that looks like a magazine cover <3 And I love those nails!

    1. Awww T__T ♥♥♥ Thank you soooo much!! Means so much you think that! So happy♥♥♥

  4. Replies
    1. Thank you so much!! ♥♥♥ I'm so happy you like~ 

  5. Uaah *_* Näyttää niin ihanalle oon ihan kade ^^"<3

    1. Yhyyy kiitos paljon♥♥♥ Ihanaa oli ^___^♥♥♥


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