♡.* DIY Hime shoes♡.*

I was browsing through La Pafait pictures of the cutest hime shoes and I've tried to find really over-the-top hime shoes for a long time on Yahoo auctions and Mbok, when I discovered that I could make my own over-the-top hime shoes
So I went to Taobao and searched through it for DIY decorations and found few really plain shoes and some lace, flowers and ribbons and ordered them all to make my own dream shoes
I won't make a tutorial since it's really easy to make these shoes, all you need to get to make similar shoes like these are a hot-glue gun and the items on this list

Here are the shoes I made:

Pink Rose Princess

White Ribbon Princess

Lovely Rose Princess

What do you think? I hope you love them as much as I do~

Here are the items I used:






Heart jewels:

Of course you need a shopping service for Taobao and I used Ebeebuy which I have liked very muchShe asked if something was sold out or otherwise unavailable and I saved in shipping cost since I bought most of the decoration from the same seller

Here are few items that I bought from Ebay:




Thank you so much for readingPlease feel free to ask if there is anything you would want to know about these items or my shoes and I will answer and help the best I can~


  1. Iiihanat kengät! Upeeta jälkeä ♥ ♥ ^___^
    Itse voi touhuta vaikka mitä ilman että tarvii maksaa ihan kauheasti ja saa semmosta mitä haluaa, tietty tekeminenkin on kivaa! :D

    Taobaossa on niin ihania käsityömatskuja! Oooh..tekis mieli päästä johonkin Kiinan markkinoille shoppaileen oikein kunnolla. Puuvillapitsitkin on niin eri hintasia ku täällä ja no, kaikki muutkin. :P

    ~ Frillycakes ~

  2. They look perfect *_* I did this once too but mine doesn't look nearly as good as yours *__*

  3. *^* sari chan their so cute! They look like la pafait heels! So cute ,very hime \(//∇//)\ <3

  4. Your so talented <3 they look so cute ^^

  5. Wow, these are really awesome shoes. I have been looking for some over the top shoes as well, but it is always so pricey having things shipped to Australia. It never occurred to me to make my own, but I think after seeing these I may have to give it a go. They are just beautiful, well done :)

    - Sarah

  6. moi, saanko kysyy mitä sä oikeen teet sun hiuksille et saat niistä noin ihanat ja isot?:) käytätkö jotain tiettyjä aineita tai kiharrinta vai mitä? t. kateellinen


Thank you ♥ I appreciate every comment!