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I'm pretty sure I'll be the spokesperson for the phrase "Better late than never" cause I'm gonna use it again XDReally awhile ago Blippo contacted me and sent me some items to review... And I forgotI'm sorry..But I will never break my promise so here is my review

The items I got:

Cute animal fan
Panda mask
My Melody charm

Cute nekochan 
This cute and pink fan has become very handy during this particularly hot summer! I've carried in my purse all the time and it's still looking the same~ 
Good quality and definitely worth the price

Here are some other cute fans:
(c) Blippo

(c) Blippo

(c) Blippo

This was so cute but when I tried it.. I couldn't wear itMaybe my ears are too far off because the mask felt really tight to wear XD But maybe for you guys it will be the perfect product

This was my favorite in the bunch but sadly Blippo doesn't have it on the store anymoreBut they have many other kawaii charms and I've picked my favorites~
The charms are good quality items, I've used my charm on my phone all the time and it's still great

(c) Blippo

(c) Blippo

(c) Blippo

Have you heard from Kawaii Box yet?

(c) Blippo

Kawaii Box – Monthly Subscription

$ 18.90 / month

It's the cutest montly subscription that you can getThey ship worldwide and you can pay safely using Paypal~ 
Every month you can expect supercute hand-picked kawaii items from Korea and JapanAll licensed and original~ I'm planning to start subscribing to this, too cute

That's all for today, thank you so much for reading


  1. So much cuteness, I really like the look of the weird onion fan haha


  2. Oh my gosh, so many cute items! I love them! *_*

  3. They don't send kawaii box to my country, and that makes me so sad :(

    - Sarah


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