♡.* Weekend with Saga♡.*

It has been awhile but last time I was at our summer home I met up with Sagachan again and we decided to wear twin coordinates by
 Princess Melody
We had lovely afternoon tea moment when Saga brought her cute teapot and I brought some Ageha magazines and Liz Lisa mook

I want that kind of teapot so badIsn't it the cutest?
It held the tea warm for a surprisingly long time~ 
It was so relaxing and fun day and full of girl talk
Of course we took photos from our twin style

Before Saga arrived I took few selcas
I really love these lenses, they are from the GEO Holicat series called Cutie catI made review about them earlier, they are so comfortable to wear that I would wear them everyday if I could XD

Whoops blurry one! I want a new phone so bad..

Thank you so much for reading
This weekend I'll be heading to Saga's place again so please follow my Instagram for more frequent updates


  1. The outfits are so adorable! And you guys looked like you had lots of fun ^^
    I love your nails! Do you do them yourself? o;

    ♪ R O K I S H I I ♪

  2. Buu en oo jaksanut lukea oikeen mitään blogeja pitkään aikaan mut nyt oon taas ryhdistäytyny XD
    Kaunistut vaan koko ajan T___T ♥♥

  3. Voi teitä söpiksiä ~♡ ^__^
    Ihanan kuullosta..hyvää teetä, muotilehtiä ja tyttöjen juttuja. Tulee ihan lapsuus mieleen..hihi ♡

    ~ Frillycakes ~

  4. Awh you both look so cute! *3* And I agree, that teapot is adorable <3


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