♡.:*:・' Anniversary ♡.:*:・'

It's always blowing my mind when I think about how fast the time is really flying! I totally missed my blog's 1 year anniversary! It was like a month ago already and I had completely forgot! Well lets celebrate it now! Better late than never right? (^o~)/


Oon aina ihan huuli pyöreenä kun vaan mietinkin miten nopeesti aika oikeasti lentää! Missasin sitten ihan kunnolla tän mun bloginkin ensimmäisen vuosipäivän! Se oli joku kuukausi sitten jo enkä muistanut yhtään! No juhlitaan nyt sitten! Eikös se menekin että parempi myöhään kun ei milloinkaan? (^o~)/

This is how much I have changed in a year:
Näin paljon olen muuttunut vuodessa:

2010 vs. 2011


I've lost weight
My hair has a better color
I've improved how to do my hair
I've improved how to do my make-up
I've found my style
I take care of my skin more

Here is one coordinate for a party! 
And the inspirational pic ~ ! 

Shop staff of W♡C!

Here is what I wore for the party ~ !


  1. congrats on 1 year!! ^___^ love your blog~

  2. Congratulations!
    I can't wait to read another years worth!

  3. Congrats! I love your transformation and your current hair, especially your bangs! it suits your face so much <3

  4. What a great post! :D
    It was so cool to see these comparisons
    and your party outfit is awesome, I wish I looked as good in that top too haha

  5. Congratulations on one year! Wow, it's nice to see how your body/face, hair, make-up, and overall style changed over the last year! I'm proud of you even though I haven't been following for a year~

  6. Sari I think you are just plain beautiful inside out. ♥

  7. Vyvy:
    Thank you!! I'm so happy you like it! ♥♥♥

    Thank you ~~ !! (^w^)/ It makes me so happy that you like my blog ~ T__T

    Thank you so much!! ♥♥ I'm so happy you like it! I'm also liking my hair atm XD I think its a lot better than last year!

    Sami Spoon:
    Thank you dear!! ♥♥♥ I'm so glad you enjoyed this post!! ♥♥ I'm sure you look amazing!! GO W♥C!!

    Thank you!!! ♥♥♥ Thank you for following me, that is what's making me happy!!! ♥♥

    Awwww thank you sweetie ♥♥♥ T___T You are more~~~

  8. sari-chan!!

    you lost a lot of weight!
    and you're soo pretty now...

    it's a total different style~! last time you were more like casual outgoing ranzuki girl but now you're liz lisa popteen girl~! <3


Thank you ♥ I appreciate every comment!